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Österreichische Hallen Meisterschaften U16 in Seefeld

March 14th, 2018|0 Comments

Von 9.3. bis 13.3.2018 fanden die österreichischen Hallenmeisterschaften der Altersklasse U16 in Seefeld statt. Knapp 100 Teilnehmer kämpften um Gold, Silber und Bronze im Einzel [...]

ESTESS Cup mit heimischen Siegern

March 8th, 2018|0 Comments

Nach der traditionellen DAJOHA Cup Turnierserie im November, wurden nach Jahreswechseln weitere ÖTV Ranglistenturniere benannt nach dem Hauptsponsor als ESTESS Cup ausgetragen. Durch die Umbauarbeiten [...]

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The moment, when you realize you've lost the point 😅

Dimitrov's drops his racket and his reaction is priceless... 😂😂

#dimitrov #tennis #slowpoint

Dimitrov's drops his racket and his reaction is priceless... 😂😂

📹 Tennis TV
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🎓 Education is essential for every tennis coach! 🎓

Our Head Coach Hakan Dahlbo is in Sundsvall, Sweden, at the moment. Holding a workshop called "Competence Coach Course". A concept developed by ESTESS. It's about how to train and educate players in a structured way!

Are you interested in a coach workshop for your team? Send us your request www.estess.com/contact/

photo by Sundsvalls Tennisklubb
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3 weeks ago

ESTESS Tennis Academy

🎓 Education is essential for every tennis coach!

Our Head Coach Hakan Dahlbo is in Sundsvall, Sweden, at the moment. Holding a workshop called "Competence Coach Course". A concept developed by ESTESS. It's about how to train and educate players in a structured way!

Are you interested in a coach workshop for your team? Send us your request www.estess.com/contact/STK har bjudit in Håkan Dahlbo ifrån ESTESS Group i Österrike till två dagars utbildning för klubbens anställda tränare. STK bjöd även in övriga tränare i Tennis Norr och det kom tränare ifrån Hudik, Östersund, Härnösand och Övik.
Vi är totalt 11 tränare på kursen.
Temat på dagarna heter "Competence Coach Course" och är ett program framtaget av ESTESS. Kort är "Competence Coach Course" konceptet ett verktyg som man kan använda då man planerar och utbildar tennisspelare på ett strukturerat och pedagogiskt sätt.
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RT @HrvojeGalic420: Amazing 5 days in Stockholm! Big thanks to @estesstennis sanchezcasalbcn @kingsoftennishttps://t.co/aK2Nt1s67f
h J R
Dinner in Stockholm @kingsoftennis Coaches Conference! Great time with great people! https://t.co/7o0A7n19mH
h J R

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ESTESS positioning and all brand development, to marketing communications, is based on a clear brand platform. This platform stresses six ideals that define the essence of the ESTESS brand: Evolution, Skill, Teamwork, Experience, Structure and Seriosness. Those words have a natural association with the ESTESS name, which is firmly entrenched in the history of ESTESS. ESTESS design and mindset should add classic style and sportif sex appeal. And, of course, ESTESS services and products should always be of highest quality.


To us quality always was an aim of priority. Our coaches have a high level education and are also developing their competence through regular courses and tests. Because of the total engagement from the coaches and players, the evolution in ESTESS® is never ending. We are always searching for „new ways – better ways“ to teach, to learn and to train tennis.


The skill of ESTESS® are in various fields. Special Knowledge in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and pedagogics are making the team to a rare organisation in tennis of today. In the area of professional training ESTESS® developed a special ability in helping players with technical, tactical and mental problems. The ESTESS® coaches are also very well educated in physical education, massage, therapy and sports medicine. ESTESS® coaches are also well-known as high level players.


For ESTESS®, teamwork is a very important word. It also has a very special meaning to us. All the coaches are working individually together with the players, but integrated in the team. This means that the coaches also help and support each other with all the players´ problems whatsoever. Some of our coaches have special knowledge that they share with the team. This kind of cooperation is very unusual among the professional tennis coaches and is one of the great strenghts and securities of ESTESS®. The pupil is in focus and will never stand alone. ESTESS® work is built on trust, respect and relationship between coaches, players and other active participants.


Our many years of experience with training beginners up to professionals and tournament coaching, ensures an excellent education by ESTESS®. Especially through our work with professional ATP-, WTA and satellite players our experience has grown to something extraordinary in the field of teaching and training tennis. As one of few private tennis academies in the world, we have coached Grand Slams and Davis Cup.


Different components belong to a good and qualified training. It is necessary to have good coaches but also training- and match partners, discipline and long term training programs are demanded. Since the very beginning ESTESS® has built on these details. Today ESTESS® provides an extensive structure and a well planned network for you to improve, as a tennis player as well as a person.


To be able to secure the quality and the seriousness in ESTESS® we have chosen to foundate a trainer organisation- EGASP (ESTESS® Global Association of Sport Professionals). That stands for protection and development for the coaches. There are certain development programs to support the coach in his management, marketing, personal services, public relations and financial progress. The coach is also holding a diploma and is registrated through this organisation. For the education of our coaches E.T.F.I.S. 1991 is responsable. This institute can co-operate with international, national, regional federations and other organisations. The ESTESS® Sports Club was founded to create more possibilities and activities for our guests and clubs like travels, camps and tournaments.


Håkan Dahlbo Kings of Tennis
Kings of Tennis - Mats Merkel, Thomas Enqvist, Judy Murray, Håkan Dahlbo, Thomas Muster, Mats Wilander, Pat Cash
Kings of Tennis - Håkan Dahlbo & Thomas Enqvist
Kings of Tennis 2016 - Judy Murray, Thomas Muster, Håkan Dahlbo, Thomas Enqvist, Mats Wilander, Pat Cash
Håkan Dahlbo & Pat Cash - Kings of Tennis 2016
Hans Fredborg, Gunnar Karlsson - ESTESS Diplomtest 2016
Paul Straka - ESTESS Diplomtest 2016
Gunnar Karlsson - ESTESS Diplomtest 2016
Johannes Schullern - Kids Training
Tennis Training
Bastian Trinker - ITF Future Seefeld
ESTESS Diplomtest 2016


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