The ESTESS Pro Team is for the ambitious athlete with the opportunity to fulfill his/her dreams under professional leadership in a professional environment. 5 hours a day training throughout the year offers a good basis to develop and improve. The goal is to optimize the existing talent and to reach a professional carrier on the ATP / WTA Tour. To pursue this dream, the player have to be ready to sacrifice a lot. Of course, talent is a must but the work and the „fire“ in the soul is far more important.


Our Pro Team program is realistic and very reasonably optimized. It is very important to us that all talents gets a chance to develop to the fullest. We can promise that the athlete gets a good environment and that the athlete have the best possibilities to train hard and wisely. We teach how to overcome barriers, to see the possibilities and assess in order to overcome the next hurdle. Of course, fitness training and mental preparation is part of the program.

PRICE: (excl. VAT.)

Full-time 45: € 13.900
Part time 45: € 8.900
Week: € 500

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Must I already be a professional to be accepted?
    No, but you must have a lot of will and ambition to bring together a large dose of confidence and discipline. Together, we will work to achieve your goals and dreams.
  2. Will I be training individually or will I always play in a group?
    You’ll be working in group but you’ll also receive individual training and attention. In order to create a good and fun environment you need colleagues with whom you can measure yourself. Teamwork is very important in ESTESS and that is also how we pursue our goals.