An exceptional program for the young at heart and any player aged 17 and over who wants to learn more about tennis. Here we focus on fun and games but we also try to keep it competitive for those who like to sweat. The offers are varied but ESTESS Luxembourg pays special attention to stimulating success, competition, social tennis, and performance!

The Ad’School is an enthusiastic program that will teach athletes who want to exercise tennis with other like-minded individuals. ‚Ad‘ stands for Additional and Advantage. Practice includes all age groups over 17 years of age, men and women mixed. While small group lessons are level specific, our social events and tournaments are open to any level of player.

Teamwork and fun are fundamental cornerstones in our activities yet the intensity is not neglected. The declared aim is primarily to bring the Ad`School players to a level where they can compete with confidence in our Tournament system and elsewhere!

Program & Price:

The new year begins September 8, 2023 at which time our coach team can choose the skill building class that is right for you and we offer this class in an annual package (8 September 2023-13 July 2024). For those joining mid year we can offer pro-rated options.

Small Group Lessons

For Ad’School players the technique, tactics and rules are taught in the small group lesson. Warm-up programs and light fitness sessions are part of this program. The aim is to eventually be able to play matches with friends. For intermediate and advanced players more skill and specialized tactics are taught. The technique is practiced appropriate to playing level and the classes are arranged accordingly by our coaches. The annual price for this training for one hour per week is 1035€ or 1850€ for two hours per week.

All additional programs are offered at a no-sign up required price, or at a discounted annual price.

Ladies and Gents Club

This Club offers a chance to play social and competitive tennis in a mixed doubles environment. In this club we offer: Coffee Doubles every Sunday 1500-1700 for social tennis and networking. 2 hours/38 weeks. (25€ per class or 685€ per year).

Length of Training

An Ad’School small group session lasts 1 hour and we practice for 38 weeks each year. A small group skills class consists of up to 5 participants. ESTESS hosts camps and trips during holidays and off weeks.

Additional Programs:

Tournaments:  Adults can play singles against other players of their level. These are held twice a month and cost 25€-30€ per 3 hour tournament.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Ad’?
    Additional Tennis Teaching & Learning Activities for Your Advantage
  2. Why is there a separate program for Ad’School?
    Over the years we have seen that there has been some concern joining a group, believing that the focus is only on performance. However, the Ad’player wants to continue to develop and have fun in the sport. Therefore, we have launched the Ad’School in order to continue to train and continue to develop in a fun and playful environment.