Our tour team combines training at home with a home based coach and with our tour program coaches. The athlete gets taught a solid leadership that he / she can use later in her career. Our coaches are professionals and will not interfere in matters that concerns the home based coach. There is always a professional contact between a tour coach and home based coach.


ESTESS Tour Team offers weekly tournament support. However, we recommend a series of three tournaments so that the program can become efficient.  Tactics and strategy are being practiced and discussed as well as preparatory measures, nutrition and professional behavior on and off the court and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do the Tour program player have to be in the ESTESS ACADEMY?
    No, any professional tennis player is welcome. Of course, the ordinary ESTESS players have a better tour price but anyone can join.
  2. Does the player need to have a home base?
    Yes, it is necessary that the player has a professional environment for the tour program to be possible.