• Increase in quality of teaching
  • Guaranteed quality of teaching
  • Reward and status for the children
  • Motivation for coaches and students
  • All children are in our official tennis register
  • Trimester final party including diploma test takes place three times per year
  • Deadline 3 weeks before the test
  • The exact dates and time of the test will be sent after the closing date by e-mail
  • Registration: Receive your registration form your ESTESS coach

The concept of diploma test is based on the idea that children and young players who start playing tennis should learn some basic skills and techniques which to
build on later. We have selected a few exercises that every child who has attended tennis lessons with ESTESS for a certain time should be able to at least demonstrate.

This is both to general motor and tennis-specific skills. These exercises are assigned to the different diplomas as learning content and are then checked at the end of each semester closing ceremony in the form of graduate tests.

Through this fixed content of the tennis lessons the quality is guaranteed. Parents, children, coaches and officials can always recognize a guide and know what their child is learning at all time. Being regularly for years and continued repeated basic knowledge that will in long term imprints itself as a basis and only then can develop later. If a certain coach would be absent for any reason, another ESTESS coach can be replace the absent coach and same quality of classes will be offered, as all coaches know what the particular student has to practice. Furthermore, children can take advantage of the international network of ESTESS better and for example, complete a training camp in Seefeld, Kiel or any other location where ESTESS operates, without being confronted with them for completely unknown concepts.