ESTESS Athletic University carry the name „University“ solely to underline the high aims and seriousness of our programmes and admission policy. EAU is diplomizing its students in special areas of skills like sports teaching, coaching, management and sports medicine. EAU-students has to fullfill the same criteria for admission like governal universities, which means, high school (matura/abitur). In special cases students can get admission to our programmes because of prior learning and special skills in sports. For our sports medical courses it is necessary to have a medical degree to fullfill the programme. This programme is a dual-based programme with a lot of practical work.

EAU owned by Tennis Sport International GmbH in Luxemburg is an educational partner of the luxemburgbased organisation GROUP ESTESS a.s.b.l. which is a non-profit organisation. EAU is accredited by the GroupEstess Education Council and has achieved the GroupEstess Professional Teaching & Coaching Accreditation (GPTCA). EAU was established 1991 to provide an opportunity for Sports Teaching/Coaching/Managing Pro´s and Sports Med Physicians to continue a developing education on top of their specialized working experience. The University operates on the dual principle of distance education, which means that a part time attendance is necessary to fulfill the standards of our education program. From a distance the student maintains contact with the University via electronic means, including computers, video conferencing, e-mails, telecommunications and by post and courier services. On site at the three campus in Seefeld, Luxemburg and Stockholm courses have to be attended on a classical learning basis.

Our three (3) campus are sited in Seefeld-Austria, Luxemburg and Stockholm. Our students have to fullfill our programmes on all three sites. Our tutors are all experienced and posses university degrees and are experts in their special field. Our tution is very similar to a university education programme and are built on responsibility, disciplin, awarness, performance, and sound feeling of criticism thinking. Our students can organize them selves and has the possibility to fullfill wishes in the tution.

Degrees of EAU can not automatically be transferred to other education institutes or universities in the same field, but most of the time EAU:s programme are getting accepted and acknowledged of official associations and legal authorities as a base to continue other programmes.