Our KidSchool welcomes children between the ages of 4 and 8 years of age. In this course we work on the basics in different sport skills, leading up to tennis skills. The key components include coordination, concentration, and discipline as well as social behavior. These skills are the fundamentals for all sport. In addition, the children are taught the basics of tennis. The children will have a better understanding about basic tennis techniques and they will learn the rules and basic history of tennis as a sport. The Educational content of this program follows the structure of the world class ESTESS Diploma Test.

KidSchool has two levels of skill building with a few other opportunities for social tennis within this age group. ESTESS also offers social learning tennis classes for kids such as BeeFit4Tennis Kids a program where children are given a mixture of cardio exercises, tennis drills, and muscle memory and muscle strengthening routines essential to injury prevention all in a fun and musical environment! Kids are welcome to attend BeeFit4Tennis every Monday at Kockelscheuer 1700-1800 and Saturday 1000-1100. Another opportunity for KidSchool players is our weekly Mini Tennis Tournament every Sunday from 1500-1700. Here kids learn the basics of match play and healthy competition. They even get a chance to learn how to be a referee!

KidSchool participants are welcome to join a skill building class once or twice per week plus BeeFit4Tennis, Mini Tennis Tournaments, Sweet Spots, Hot Spots, etc. The more often they come to the court the faster they can improve!

Program & Price

The courses in the KidSchool are divided into two levels: Ball and Racket School and Mini Tennis.

The new year begins September 2016 at which time our coach team can choose the level that is right for your child and we offer this class in an annual package (32 weeks).

Ball and Racket School: Ball and Racket School is for children aged 4 to 6. Here kids begin with the very basics of becoming familiar with ball and racket sports. They learn to focus, to throw, to swing, and they get basic fitness, perseverance, and good sportsmanship training. Kids can attend Ball and Racket School practice once a week. The annual price for this training is 340€.

Mini Tennis: Mini Tennis is for children aged 5 to 8. Kids are welcome to graduate to Mini Tennis after their first year of Ball and Racket School. Kids begin to learn the basic rules of tennis, and begin practicing tennis drills using the soft training balls and games to keep the kids engaged. Kids can come to Mini Tennis practice once or twice a week. The annual price for once a week is 360€.

Diploma Test

All annual classes include a number of ESTESS Diploma Tests where kids and parents can keep a record of training progress.

Length of Training

A KidSchool group session (whether Ball and Racket School or Mini Tennis) lasts 55 minutes and we practice for 32 weeks each year. A group consists of 5-8 participants. All participants will receive a T-shirt and a degree certificate each year. ESTESS hosts camps and trips during holidays and off weeks.

Additional Programs:

All additional programs are offered at a no-sign up required price, or at a discounted annual price.

1. Sweet Spots: Girls only! Girls learn tennis through games, dance, and art! 1 Hour/32 Weeks. (15€ per class or 240€ per year)
2. Hot Spots: Boys only! Where boys can be boys on the court! 1 Hour/32 Weeks. (15€ per class or 240€ per year)
3. BeeFit4Tennis Kids: Cardio Tennis, drills, and exercises! 1 Hour/32 Weeks. (15€ per class or 240€ per year)
4. Mini Tennis Tournament: Learning the basics of tournament play with soft balls! 2 Hours/32 Weeks. (20€ per class or 450€ per year)

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What are the advantages of having more kids in the group?
    Kids learn from each other and have more fun around other children. It is social learning that produces this particular dynamic.
  2. Don’t the kids learn more when they are alone with a coach?
    No. It is important to understand that a child cannot concentrate for a full hour continuously in this skill building curriculum. Therefore, it is necessary for a On & Off methodology, where children have the opportunity to develop together with other children. For more active learning kids should attend our weekly BeeFit4Tennis for Kids, Sweet Spots/Hot Spots, and our Mini Tennis Tournaments!