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Our Junior School is for children between the age of 7 and 17 years. The target group are children and young people who have a better understanding and knowledge about tennis and want to improve themselves even more. ESTESS strives to give students a better understanding of body control, balance and breathing techniques in combination with traditional tennis play. Our specially designed warm-up programs and speed training as well as mental tricks and tips are part of this program.

ESTESS has evolved the traditional instructional design of tennis training and we have incorporated new, science-based knowledge about optimal hands-on learning in the sport. Tennis is the focus but we add general motor skills, stamina, balance, and body control. Through the systematic and comprehensive training, success in the sport of tennis is guaranteed.

Junior School participants are welcome to join a skill building class once or twice per week plus BeeFit4Tennis, Kings & Queens Kids, etc. The more often they come to the court the faster they can improve!

Program & Price:

The new year begins September 16 2018 at which time our coach team can choose the skill building class that is right for your child and we offer this class in an annual package (34 weeks).

  1. Program A – 2 hours/week
    For students who want to continue to practice technique, tactics, and rules but also want to learn how to use what their skills in a more competitive environment. The target group is young people who are not competing yet, but are on their way there. Technique and match analysis are therefore fundamental content in this program. Students should strive for the Yellow ESTESS Diploma (ITN 8) and achieve it within 1 year. Independent training is practiced and systematically prepared. The annual price for this training is 1250€.
  2. Program B – 4 hours/week
    For students who want a comprehensive tennis education with weekly strength and endurance fitness (BeeFit4Tennis) and matchplay (Kings & Queens Kids) included plus two hours of Junior School Small Group. The target group is young people who are ready to develop their bodies, strategies and tactics for more competitive play. Students should strive for the Orange ESTESS Diploma (ITN 7) and achieve it within 1 year. Independent training is practiced and systematically prepared. The annual price for this training is 1450€.
  3. Program C – 1 hour/week
    For students who want to learn recreational tennis. The goal is to be able to play on a full tennis court with parents or friends. Target groups are children who want to learn to play tennis better. We emphasize movements and sports behavior. Learning in a fun and playful way is the aim here. The children should aspire to the White Diploma (ITN 9) and achieve it within 1 Year. The annual price for this training is 700€. 

Diploma Test

All annual classes include a number of ESTESS Diploma Tests/ITN On Court Assessments where kids and parents can keep a record of training progress.

Length of Training

A  Junior School group session lasts 1 hour and we practice for 34 weeks each year. A group consists of 2-5 participants. ESTESS hosts camps and trips during holidays and off weeks.

Additional Programs:

All additional programs are offered at a no-sign up required price, or at a discounted annual price.

1. BeeFit4Tennis Kids: Cardio Tennis, drills, and exercises! 1 Hour/34 Weeks. (15€ per class or 300€ per year)
2. Kings & Queens Kids: Speed tennis games and competitions! 1 Hour/34 Weeks. (15€ per class or 300€ per year)
3. ITN Tournaments: International Tennis Number Tournaments are recognized by the ITF. Kids can play singles against other kids at their level. These are held twice a month and cost 30€ per 3 hour tournament.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are some advantages of my child playing tennis versus a team sport like football?
    In tennis, kids can learn to build confidence in their own performance while additionally they have the opportunity to learn teamwork and social skills through doubles and tournaments. Kids learn that they alone are responsible for their own success, but they also learn how to communicate quickly, how to work together, and how to problem solve when they suddenly have a partner on the court that they have never played with before!