The International Tennis Federation’s Play and Stay program introduced the International Tennis Number (ITN) concept in 2005 and in 2016 ESTESS has brought ITN to Luxembourg! Using this concept, all players will get a tennis level ranking 1-10 and be able to compete in tournaments around the world with players at a similar playing level. ESTESS Luxembourg hosts several ITN Tournament each month for players of all ages. Any level is welcome! Check below for dates and details.

18 March 14,00-17,00 Junior Singles ITN

24 March 17,00-20,00 Junior Singles ITN

25 March 14,00-17,00 Junior Singles ITN

15 April 14,00-17,00 Junior Singles ITN

21 April 17,00-20,00 Adult Singles ITN

22 April 14,00-17,00 Junior Singles ITN

28 April 17,00-20,00 Junior Singles ITN

29 April 14,00-17,00 Junior Singles ITN